Mudjacking in Drums, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton & Allentown, PA

Mudjacking, also referred to as slabjacking, is a cost-effective way of repairing existing concrete pads and slabs. It offers the ability to raise, level, and support sunken concrete slabs at just a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement. This method is often used to repair sidewalks, patios, steps, private walkways, concrete floors, pool patios, driveways, garages, and other areas. This means it is possible to get rid of kick spots, trip hazards and other safety hazards, pooling water, and many other issues without going through the headache and expense of replacing concrete..

The process begins when the concrete is marked for strategically placed holes. At this point, a series of holes is drilled just through the concrete. Using a specialized hydraulic pump, an eco-friendly limestone grout is then injected below the concrete to fill the void. When the void is filled, the material becomes pressurized, and the concrete rises and becomes level once again. The injected material remains in place now provides support for the concrete. Afterwards, the slightly larger than golf ball sized holes are filled with a concrete mixture and cleanup of the project is completed. Most jobs are completed within one day and the concrete can be used again immediately or shortly thereafter. Because it is generally considered repair work, the project usually does not require the extra cost of a permit. Concrete Alternatives also offers additional services to restore, protect, and beautify your existing concrete.

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