Who We Are

Our vision is a community where homeowners, local businesses, school districts and Municipal Buildings are free of any trip hazards, and kick spots on walkways, at entrances and along curb lines.

To bring that vision into reality, we offer concrete raising and leveling (mudjacking), along with a few additional services. We always want the community to be able to say Concrete Alternatives provided a fast, qualified and professional service.

With confidence, we provide a 1-year warranty for all our work! “Why replace it when we can raise it!”

Leveling and Mudjacking

Is your sidewalk or driveway sinking or cracking? We have a solution that is environmentally friendly and less expensive than replacement!

Crack Repair & Joint Sealing

Protect the concrete erosion! We repair cracks and joint sealing.

Epoxy Flooring

Hide imperfections with our epoxy coating to enhance the appearance of any garage floor.